About Us

Hey There! We’re Andres and Jackie, two travelers who are addicted to traveling and always looking for our next adventure! We began our own little adventure – that is our love story – in 2011 and ever since then we have had the privilege of traveling to so many amazing destinations together. We decided to create this travel blog to be a time capsule of all the wonders of the world we have explored together and also to help others plan their own escapades using some tips we have learned along the way. We hope you enjoy following us along on our journey!

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I definitely wanna see a blog post on how you book flights and use your points. I’ve been looking into joining a rewards program with a hotel chain, just haven’t decided which one yet.

    How are you guys liking Marriott?

    Dinner looked amazing! I’m always down to try new foods; but you can’t hate on pizza by the beach.

    You should make it a tradition to have a “Bachelor” date on all your adventures.

    Safe travels and love ya guys!


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    • Hi! Definitely should sign up for every rewards program possible. We have mainly stuck with SPG (now Marriott) and American Airlines over the years which has allowed us to build status – mainly Andres since he traveled for work every week for about 3 years. We were big fans of SPG and we are hoping not much changes now that the merger has taken place. We will definitely get around to writing a blog post all about how we have used miles and hotel points over the years! 🙂

      And I agree about the Bachelor dates HAHA 🙂


  2. Hello there! We are going to the St Regis in April as well! I want to know about dinner dress codes… Can men wear flip flops to dinner or must they have real shoes? Everything I read just says casuals except decanter but I’ve been to hotels wear that means different things. How casual were most of the guests? I loved reading your blog and it makes me that much more excited to go!

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    • Hi Emily! So excited for you to visit the St. Regis!!! You’re going to fall in love! We will be there towards the end of April! Men can wear flip flops to dinner if they would like to. My husband switched between shorts and jeans most dinners with a long button down sleeve. I usually wore a maxi dress with flip flops. For Decanter you do have to dress up a little nicer – my husband wore loafers for that dinner. Hope this helps!! Have a great time!!


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