Destination Engagement Photos at Zion National Park

Congratulations, you’re engaged!! When’s the big day? How did he pop the question? How soon will you have kids? And can your long lost uncle come to the wedding? All these questions are some just of the many million questions that quickly following the announcement of your engagement. But the only question that should cross your mind if you’re a fellow travel junkie like us is, “Where can we go to take our engagement pictures?!”

Given that we have grown up in Florida our entire lives, we knew we wanted a change of scenery for our engagement pictures. We had been wanting to visit Bryce Canyon for quite some time and decided this would be the perfect opportunity! We found THE most perfect photographer who was based out of Utah (Kandice Breinholt) and arranged our session to take place January 2017.

So you’re probably wondering how did we end up in Zion National Park instead of Bryce Canyon. Well Mother Nature actually made that decision for us! The day we were scheduled to take our pictures, a snow storm hit Bryce Canyon which resulted in the park actually closing. Not willing to come back another weekend (as we already taken time off from work, paid for hotels, booked makeup and hair for Jackie, etc.) we decided to just take our pictures at Zion National Park instead! Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches when travel plans change unexpectedly.

During our session, it was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, snow flurries were falling on us, and of course all the dresses I was wearing were all sleeveless! I am not sure if it was the rush we were feeling during our engagement shoot or the sips of moonshine we would have during our outfit changes (all done in the car) but we did not feel cold at all!

& That’s A Wrap!

The following day, before we headed to Las Vegas to catch our evening flight, we were able to explore Zion for a couple of hours. During our photo session we mainly stayed in the area closer to the visitor center so we decided to drive further into Zion to see a different side of the national park. During one point in our drive, we remember going through a tunnel and the scenery completely changing! It took our breath away. Even though we tried our best to capture the beautiful scenery, pictures really don’t do this place any justice.

While we were exploring the top of the mountain it was actually pretty scary because we couldn’t tell where the edge of the mountain was with all the snow!


  • Hotel Near Zion National Park: Desert Pearl Inn
    • Great location – approximately three minutes from the entrance of the park
    • Room came with a kitchen area and was very clean
    • Great views of Zion National Park from our room!
  • The drive from Salt Lake City, Utah to Zion National Park is approximately 4.5 hours.
  • The drive from Zion National Park to Las Vegas airport is approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Hair and makeup by Marisa Rose
    • She did an amazing job and was so sweet!
    • Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

As seasoned wedding planners (that may be a stretch…), there are two pieces of advices we would love to share with any newly engaged couple! Number one – do whatever makes you both happy! People will always complain but at the end of the day always remember the main reason behind the wedding – to celebrate YOUR love. Number two – before all the stress that comes with wedding planning begins, take a trip together and capture the love that you share for each other on film! You will have these pictures to cherish forever and it’s the perfect way to capture the start of this new chapter in your life. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and happy travels!

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