Long Layover in Hamad International Airport – Doha

The Famous Doha “Teddy Bear”

We are officially embarking on our epic three-week long trip to the Maldives, Positano, Capri, and Madrid. For the next three weeks we will definitely be living our best lives and we couldn’t be more excited to catch a break for our daily normal routine, disconnect and recharge.

Oryx Airport Hotel

Our first (mini) stop – Hamad International Airport in Doha.

We arrived in Doha around 4 PM after completing the first leg of our trip, which was approximately 14 hours long! The first thing we were dying to do was brush our teeth and take a nice warm shower. As our flight to Male would not depart till 2 AM we had pre-booked a room at Doha’s airport – Oryx Airport Hotel which is a total game changer for us. As a note, we definitely recommend making a reservation ahead of time as you run the risk the hotel may be at full capacity – we witnessed other travelers without reservations being turned down as we were checking out.

The Oryx Airport Hotel is your usual hotel – nothing fancy but offers all the standard amenities one may need. The hotel offers a spa, temperature-controlled swimming pool, gymnasium, racquet ball court, and a golf stimulator (okay, this one probably isn’t a standard amenity).   

Now for the room. We will admit that the rate (USD 322) per night (or nine hours) is pretty steep – given that there are no other options without having to leave the airport, we were left with no choice. The room in itself was extremely clean and the bed was relatively comfortable – we fell asleep right away. The toilet is a little oddly shaped so it’s not the most comfortable and the toilet paper was definitely more on the rough side. We apologize if the latter was too much personal information – just trying to be honest and thorough. We also weren’t able to get our air conditioner to properly work but we weren’t drenched in sweat either. Lastly, and probably the most important thing to note for foreign travelers, is that the WIFI offered by the hotel is subpar. The connection was very spotty, the speed was extremely slow, and we were continuously having to reconnect as it would kick us out.

Overall, this is our second time staying at Oryx and we would definitely stay there once again if we are ever lucky enough to find ourselves on this side of the world in the future.

Al Mourjan Business Lounge

As we had redeemed miles for business class seats from Miami to the Maldives, we had access to Qatar’s business class lounge – the Al Mourjan. The lounge itself is beautifully decorated and offers many wonderful amenities including – two dining areas, showers, a family room, a game room, and plenty of seating with an abundance of electricity ports to charge all your gadgets!

While we were there, the restaurant a very generous spread including pasta, soup, lamb, curry chicken, humus, etc. Andres sampled a little bit of everything and was satisfied the food is better than the airports’ food court options. If you have access to the lounge, we’d definitely recommend spending some time there!                    

Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport is a very impressive airport. One of the first things you’ll notice is how clean it is kept. The airport offers several shopping locations – including multiple Duty-Free stores, high-end retail store fronts such as Tiffany & Co, Rolex, Gucci, etc. Before you depart the airport, make sure you snag a picture with the famous teddy bear – trust us, you won’t be able to miss him! Complimentary WIFI is located throughout the airport but once again not the best connection. One thing we did note is that the airport comes to life late at night. During the day not many travelers are seen but at night the airport is packed! Never seen that before!

A New ‘Duty Free’ is Coming Soon!

Next stop – the St. Regis Maldives!

Hope you enjoy following us along on (at least virtually) during our three week vacation! Stay tuned for our updated blog post about the St. Regis Maldives! In the meantime, make sure to check out our first blog post about our first stay in the St. Regis Maldives! As always, wishing you all happy and safe travels!

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