Iridium Spa at the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort – Updated Review

When visiting the St. Regis Maldives resort, a trip to the Iridium spa is a MUST! On our first time visiting the resort, we opted to visit the spa at nighttime which was a wonderful experience but it was completely different than visiting the spa during daylight hours. During our second visit to the Iridium Spa we opted for two services – the ‘Private Blue Hole Experience’ (during the day) and the ‘Iridium Signature Massage’.

Iridium Spa’s Waiting Lounge

Upon arrival to the Iridium Spa, guests are directed towards the waiting lounge where they are greeted with cold towels and flavored ice cold water as they await for their treatment.

Within the lounge, light relaxing music is played throughout and several glass floor openings are located in the area allowing guests to take a glimpse of the vibrant marine life located under the spa.

Restrooms and Amenities

The restrooms in the Iridium Spa offer showers, toilets, lockers, a sauna, and steam room for guests to use before or after their treatment. The restrooms were extremely clean and welcoming.

Blue Hole Experience

The last time we visited the St. Regis Maldives we booked the private Blue Hole Experience during the nighttime. This time around, we wanted to book this experience again but during the day! And we are so glad we did!!!

First of all, the water this time was just the right temperature! And then the beautiful blue hole’s water combined with the ocean’s blue made for the most picturesque moment!

We definitely preferred our daytime experience and would highly recommend all our readers to book during the day versus at nighttime!

Iridium Signature Massage

Treatments Are Held Inside These Little Huts!

WOW! WOW! WOW! That’s the only word that comes to mind when describing our couples massage experience at the Iridium Spa.

Couple’s Massage Suite

We booked the 90-minute ‘Iridium Signature Massage’ and it was the most heavenly massage we have ever received! From the second you enter the gorgeous couple’s massage suite, you are taken aback by the combination of the perfect blend of whites and blues.

The suite hosts a private bathroom in which you can utilize to change into a robe and a pair of slippers. The suite has a bathroom, a small changing room, two vanities, and two mini closets to place personal belongings. In addition to the robe and slippers, we were also given disposable underwear to change into as we both arrived in our swimsuits – never seen that before!

Before the commencement of our massages on the massage table, we first received a wonderful foot massage accompanied with a foot scrub. During our foot massage, we were given the opportunity to select which oil we would like to utilize during our respective massages. As we were pretty sunburnt already, we opted for the coconut oil to help ease with our sunburns.

After our foot massages, it was time for the massages! These were the best 90 minutes ever! Our masseuses literally massaged every area of our bodies – from head to toe – using just the right amount of pressure. Throughout our massages, they would also stretch us out. It was honestly such a phenomenal experience!

In conclusion, the Iridium Spa at the St. Regis Maldives is one to not miss! Whether you are enjoying the Blue Hole or getting one of their several treatments – you will not be disappointed. We HIGHLY recommend it.

Hope you enjoyed the first part of our updated review about the St. Regis Maldives! Stay tuned for part two – coming real soon. Until then, happy travels!

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